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Impact Radio Chargers

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AC-1 Universal Single Rapid Desktop Charger for Kenwood Radios


The AC-1 is a rapid rate, tri-chemistry single desk top unit fitted with a self switching (110/220V) wall cube power supply. The AC-1 utilizes the same interchangeable cup system as all IMPACT™ chargers.

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Impact AC/DC-3 Universal Rapid Three Bank Charger is a ncredibly small and lightweight charger is exactly half the size of the highly popular flagship AC/DC-6 six bank unit. Like all four IMPACT™ charger models, it utilizes Impacts fully interchangeable adapter cup system.

The Impact AC/DC-6 Charger is a dual voltage Tri-chemistry charger.  It allows rapid charging of most two way radios.  This charger comes with the adapter cups to fit your radio.  Please visit the product page to get a full cross reference of what adapter cups you will need with your radio.
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Universal Rapid Six Bank Charger - Polycarbonate (DC Power Cord Optional)

Following the success of the highly popular aluminum case AC/DC-6, IMPACT introduces their new lower cost polycarbonate version AC/DC-6-LC. Like all Impact charger models, the new 6 unit charger utilizes the same interchangeable cup system with available adapter cups for almost every portable ever made. An internal power supply (not in-line) and space saving design makes this the perfect multi-charger for small spaces. The optional extra DC cigarette lighter cable allows the user to charge in-vehicle or any DC power source.

Use our Impact Radio Chargers and be confident your two-way radio is charged and ready to go the minute you need it.

Extend the power and dependability of your 2-way radio with an Impact Radio Charger

Choose from a variety of solutions. Single and multi-unit that fully and safely charge Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh and Li-Ion Battery chemistries.

Shop with us for premium Impact Radio Chargers. We offer great customer service, easy check out process, everyday low prices and fast shipping.

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