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$69.90 $123.80 You save: $53.90

Power Products EC1M-V2-VX8 Endura In-Vehicle Charger for VERTEX and BearCom Radios

For use with Li-Ion and LiPo batteries ONLY

Power Products EC1M-V2-VX8: EC1M-V2-VX8

$79.00 $79.90 You save: $0.90

EC6M-MB Mounting Bracket

The EC6M-MB is able to be mounted to a horizontal or vertical surface. The EC6M-MB features includes integrated tie-down straps, fasteners for mounting to wall or floor and straddle bracket to secure charger to bracket. Dimensions (WxDxH): 20.2" x 6.6" x 3.9"

$26.00 $29.80 You save: $3.80


The TWC6M-HW Supplies power direct from vehicle battery source

Length is approximately 13-15 feet and comes with built in fuse.

The TWC6M-HW Kit is designed to be used with 3A, 7.5A or 15A fuse. Cables are rated for 15A

$27.90 $31.80 You save: $3.90

TWC6M-VPA Vehicle Power Adapter For Endura and Logic Energy

Supplies power to the charger from a vehicle's 12V or 24V outlet

Features a heavy duty coiled cord and user replaceable fuse

Power Products TWC6M-VPA: TWC6M-VPA

The TWC6M-VPA works with Chargers: EC1M, EC1M-V2,EC2M, EC6M, TWC1M, TWC2M, TWC6M, LEVCA