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$33.50 $53.00 You save: $19.50

Power Products BP8299CSOR Alkaline Clamshell For Motorola

Also Fits: XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000, Cosmo, Datron Guardian G25RPV100. Color: Orange. Approximate capacity with 12 AA batteries is 5000 mAh.

Power Products BP8299CSOR: BP8299CSOR

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL8299 Belt Clip

Also Fits: BP8294, BP8299CSORA, BP8299LI, BP8299LIP, BP8299MH, BP8299MHUC.

Power Products CL8299: CL8299

$39.50 $59.80 You save: $20.30

Power Products G25RPV100 Battery For Motorola G25RPV100 Radio

7.5 V / 1500 mAh / NiCd. Includes belt clip for easy carrying.

Power Products G25RPV100: G25RPV100

$92.00 $167.80 You save: $75.80

Impress Technology NNTN6034B

Impress techenoogy was developed to help improve battery life and performace.  The Command Tac Battery offers the Smart Technology of the Motorola brand Battery with the additional benifits of extra Milliamps to give you a longer run time.


$91.00 $145.80 You save: $54.80

Power Products PM8299LIPXT Rado Battery

The PM8299LIPXT is 7.4 V / 4600 mAh / 34.0 Wh / LiPo battery. It features PolyMax HPC cells; the best in class products that features high capacity. It includes a belt clip.