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$49.90 $71.80 You save: $21.90

Power Products BP4023LI Battery For Motorola EX500 - 7.2V / 1800 mAh / Li-Ion

Also Fits: EX600, GP344, GP388, PRO5150 Elite.  Japanese cells.

Power Products BP4023LI: BP4023LI

$49.75 $71.80 You save: $22.05

Power Products EX500 Battery - 7.2V / 1800 mAh / Li-Ion - For Motorola EX500

Powered byJapanese cells.

Power Products EX500: EX500

$45.00 $71.80 You save: $26.80

JMNN4023BR Battery - 7.2V / 1800 mAh / Li-Ion

$49.00 $76.60 You save: $27.60

JMNN4024CR Radio Battery

The JMNN4024CR is a 7.2V / 1800 mAh / Li-Ion battery. This battery is built with a Rugged Polycarbonate Case. Our Version Motorola JMNN4024CR Battery uses the Highest Quality Japanese Cells. Our Brand JMNN4024CR is designed to meet or exceed OEM. Our JMNN4024CR is also known as JMNN4024AR, JMNN4024BR and JMNN4024