Do you demand outstanding performance and superior audio from your radio? APX 8000 Radio is what you are looking for!!

The APX 8000 Radio delivers the most powerful and clearest sound in the business. First responders can trust this top quality all-band radio for its interoperability and precise voice communications while staying in touch in any situation. It’s equipped with an adaptive audio engine and ultra-loud One Watt speaker to produce clarity to every single discussion. It automatically customize its sound suppression, microphone boost and speaker equalization contingent to the user’s surroundings. The APX 8000 is designed to be rugged and reliable. It is equipped with the aluminum alloy endoskeleton that will guard the radio’s inside from water intrusion. Even if the outer casing is breached. It features a hard, thick tempered glass that will protect the radio’s color display from scratches, impact and pressure. The dual-latch battery shields the radio from resetting, shutting off, or the battery from falling out upon impact.

The extraordinary APX 8000 radio features integrated Wi-Fi for more effective radio management permitting the radio to accept fresh settings (codeplug), firmware, and delivers updates across the air in a matter of seconds, while the user proceeds to communicate without interruption. The radio will automatically connect to pre-provisioned Wi-Fi networks at secure areas and download imminent updates around 30,000 times quicker than P25 data rates. Therefore, it will give a quicker distribution of new radios and crucial radio upgrades. Which means less radios are taken out of service for maintenance. The state-of-the-art adaptive audio engine convenes on the adaptive dual-sided process displayed in each premium APX portable radio. It heightens the involvement by offering easier audio management for radio programmers and exceptional dialogue clarity for end users. The adaptive audio engine engine will automatically alter the sound quality algorithm on-the-fly to be able to eliminate out background noise and wind as it changes within user’s surroundings. This extra capability means that the APX 8000 radio users have the ability to hear and be understood more clearly.

The all-band access enables APX 8000 first responders to transmit across borders and between systems utilizing one device that works in analog and digital P25 mode, conventional or trunked systems, SmartNet and SmartZone legacy systems and across 700/800MHz, VHF and UHF bands. All this ensues from the size and shape of the APX 6000, while keeping the resounding audio of the APX 7000, with much greater electrical specifications.

Interoperability upgrades feedback times and partnership between agencies and first responders during expected and unexpected situations. Which means APX 8000 users will no longer require numerous radios to access each specific system. Therefore, agencies won’t have to assign new radios when sending police officers to some other region.

The durable APX Remote Speaker Microphones and Public Safety Microphones distribute audio that is crystal clear. Therefore, it’s much easier to hear and comprehend the person on the other end. In addition, it is fifty percent louder. It features the identical speaker that is located in APX portable radios for the best-in-class accessory audio on the market.

Do you work outside?

There are a number of professions that don’t have the luxury of working indoors. However, while working outside in the challenging weather, the Windporting microphone is the perfect one to have. It lessens the impact of wind and other sounds whenever you are using the mic. It also restricts water from clogging the mic for clear communication. If you find yourself standing close to loud equipment or a large crowd, the noise-canceling microphone will cut down the background sounds. To maximize noise reduction, maintain the mic in the appropriate position precisely in front of your mouth, facing the origin of the sounds. It practically restrains all background noise in difficult and intense noise environments so that you can consistently have a clear conversation.

Motorola APX 8000 Accessories

The APX 8000 coordinates with other devices, precisely the Motorola Solutions LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld via mission-critical Bluetooth. The LEX L10 has the ability to remotely control the radio, so the user will be able to monitor and control data. For instance, radio signal strength, battery life, zone, volume and channel without removing their radio from the holster.

XBT Heavy-Duty Wireless Headset – When working on a mission, it is imperative to communicate on your radio while still being mindful to your surroundings. This first-rate XBT heavy-duty headsets can hook up wirelessly into your radio, and block out sound for better conversations. Equipped with patented SENS™ situational alertness technology, these headsets assure you will be able to hear crucial transmissions from colleagues in the field with you.

IMPRES technology is the only one that offers you the most accurate information on the status of the battery so you know it’s fully charged to make it through your shift. These top-notch IMPRES batteries have ability to be charged 150 more times than a typical battery. Which relates to a 43 percent hike in charge cycles. They decrease the amount of spare batteries you purchase and increase the time until you require a new one. So, if you want to get the most from your APX 8000 Portable Radio by avoiding the shock of “low battery signals.” IMPRES chargers will inform you precisely how much power is within a dependable IMPRES battery before you connect it to the radio, and specifically when an IMPRES battery has come to the end of supply life.