Battery life is one of the most important aspects for first responders. When an emergency calls, you have to make sure your battery is fully charged and ready to go to work. A long-lasting battery is the leading criterion for police officers, firefighters, public works employees, and other important professionals.

Motorola presents the perfect concept of smart, automated battery maintenance with the IMPRES™ Smart Energy System of chargers and batteries. With this breakthrough technology, IMPRES 2 enables departments to keep their two-way radio batteries at the most optimal service.

With their programmed power management, the IMPRES 2 chargers distribute detailed and precise data to all IMPRES 2 batteries in your group. Therefore, the user can have all the assurance in your unit’s capacity to correspond, regardless of what they may be facing at the time.

The IMPRES 2 is specifically created for APX™ series radios. This next stage of technology is a lot more secure and resourceful. And at the same time it will extend its power for a greater amount of time. Giving you the utmost confidence in your fully charged batteries when you require them the most.

IMPRES 2 batteries will charge 40% faster when they are charged by IMPRES 2 chargers. With the IMPRES 2 system, users will be able to determine how much usage they can anticipate from the battery. By modifying your charging to prolong the life span of batteries in storage, it can handle power more efficiently with improved diagnostics. Which means you will receive the most out of each battery and stay connected for a much longer period of time.

You can look forward to all the improvements the IMPRES 2 batteries has to offer. With a greater capacity, you are going to receive an extended time of communication. IMPRES 2 batteries produce higher capacity without gaining in size. They use the same IP68 rating as APX radios. Therefore, with greater water resistance, you won’t have to think about submersion. These batteries can be totally submersed in two meters of water for up to four hours.

IMPRES 2 batteries, when charged by an IMPRES 2 charger, deliver 60% more charging cycles compared to traditional Lithium Ion batteries. In addition, you are going to cut down your costs.

By using an IMPRES 2 charger, you are able to charge your battery quicker. You can customize your charging to prolong the life span of the batteries that are in storage. It also gives you the opportunity to handle power more intelligently with improved diagnostics. IMPRES 2 batteries are suitable with all IMPRES chargers, therefore you can upgrade without any concerns.