The PMLN5001 is a very comfortable earpiece to wear. The PMLN5001 has a very soft flexible D Shape that goes around the ear with the speaker portion over the outer ear. The PMLN5001 is great for use with education, restaurants, retail and hospitality sectors of business. The PMLN5001 allows the users to easily clean and wipe down the earpiece that comes in direct contact with the body, which gives so piece of mind of minimizing cross contamination.


The PMLN5001A comes with a 1 wire from the 2 prong connector straight to the earpiece. The PMLN5001A also has an in-line mini PTT, Clothing Clip and comes in color black.


The PMLN5001 with its comfort wear design allows the user to wear this earpiece all day without experiencing ear discomfort. To keep your PMLN5001A in good operating condition use a baby wipe or low alcohol content wipes and gently rub down the earpiece and PTT areas to minimize the body oils that accumulate during daily use.


The PMLN5001 is a very widely used earpiece with all Motorola radios that accept the 2 prong accessory jack. The PMLN5001 D-Style earpiece comes with a One Year Warranty and has all the benefits of the OEM with out the high cost.