The RLN5318 Surveillance Kit is mostly used in an undercover scenario. The RLN5318 allows the user to keep the receiving transmission silent and only broadcasting directly into the ear. The user can also be a little more discreet while sending communications by moving the PTT closer to the mouth area.


The RLN5318 comes in color black and two wires coming from the connector, which is a two-prong connection direct into the radio. The two wires consist of one for the PTT with screen protection receptacle area for better sound quality. The RLN5318 also has a second wire, which will reach, up to the ear area with the black transducer and removable/replaceable acoustical ear tube.


The RLN5318 is a must have for security, undercover, sports venues and stadiums where communications could be critical for medical emergency’s. When transmission needs to be discreet the RLN5318 provides convenient and easy communications whether your RX or TX.


Some radios that the RLN5318 will connect too, may need the assistance of the RLN5500 retainer kit. This retainer kit will keep the two-prong plug connected to the radio when there could be heavy movement or pulling on the wired devise.

The easy maintenance of the clear acoustical tube will help you get the most life out of the clear tube possible. The acoustical tube of the RLN5318 is cleanable and below is some tips for such maintenance.


The RLN5318 is also known by RLN5318A


  1. Disconnect the clear acoustical tube from the black transducer
  2. Utilize a can of compressed air and blow out the clear tube ONLY
  3. Replace the mushroom tip, or any other tip that enters the ear or clean to remove ear wax
  4. Place acoustical tube in warm soapy water, rinse in clean water, set aside and towel drive, then use compressed air to remove water from inside the tube


Condensation is the enemy of the clear acoustical tube of the RLN5318. From outside temperatures mixed with body temperature this creates condensation inside the clear tube. Over time the condensation builds up and crystalizes in the tube of the RLN5318. When these crystals become large enough and left unintended they will block the tube and render it useless of hearing any transmissions.


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