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Power Products BP36295LI Battery For Vertex VX350 - 7.4V / 2200 mAh / Li-Ion

Also Fits: Vertex Standard VX350, VX351, VX354. Japanese cells.

Power Products BP36295LI: BP36295LI

$38.00 $59.80 You save: $21.80

Power Products BPV130LI Radio Battery

The BPV130LI is a 7.4V / 2500 mAh / 18.5 Wh / Li-Ion Battery. This battery comes with commercial grade Japanese cells.                                                                     Important Note: Use BPV130LI with Endura TWP-VX7 or TWP-VX7-D charging pods only.                                                                                                                 BPV130LI is compatible with Vertex Standard CD-25 charger. 

$38.00 $56.20 You save: $18.20

FNB-V130LI-UNI Radio Replacement Battery:

The FNB-V130LI-UNI is a direct replacement for OEM. The FNB-V130LI-UNI features 2500mAh, 7.4 Volts, Li-Ion Battery and 12 month warranty