Motorola CP200 Radio and the Motorola CP200D Radio

Your guide to what these radios are all about.
The two way radio leap of technology has arrived for the CP200 radio bringing it into the forefront of the radio world. Motorola has upped their game with the introduction of the CP200d. Whereas the CP200 offered the ability of UHF and VHF with Analog encoding, the CP200d gives the best of both worlds with Analog and Digital while working with UHF and VHF.

The CP200 having limitations as to the number of channels and repeater connections boosting the radio from 1 watt to 5 watt operation. The CP200d can be programmed specifically to your usage and digital coding with thousands of private ID’s.

The CP200 and CP200d are great radios to use in the Hospitality, Retail, Hospital/Medical and Restaurants fields. The main reason is due to the ability of UHF band to transmit inside concrete structures. The VHF is more for line of sight transmissions. Both bands will work extremely well with the repeater tower.

The big separation between the CP200 and CP200d is that the CP200d is fully compatible with the MotoTRBO family of radios due to the upgrade of digital technology. The CP200d also allows the user to stay in the analog mode until the necessity to program and work with digital radios. As an added bonus, you can re-use all of your batteries and chargers from your CP150/CP200/CP200XLS/PR400 radios with the new CP200d. The CP200d much like the CP200 will work in VHF band from 1W low power to 5W high power with megahertz range of 136-174 and UHF band from 1W low power to 4W high power with megahertz range of 403-470. The overall weight with a Nickel Metal Hydride battery attached is just under 15 ounces.

1. Motorola CP200 and CP200d batteries

These radios use a wide variety of batteries starting with Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium. The Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries work well with extreme temperature swings, however they do not fare well with battery life. The NiCad’s are known to have memory loss and only have limited amounts of battery life. This equates to the amount of times the battery is placed on and off of the charger, each time is burning up a life cycle. NiCad batteries usually have milliamps of no more than 1500. The NiCad battery is commonly known as NNTN4496.

The Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) commonly known as NNTN4851 will charge without memory loss and also comes with approximately 1500 milliamps. The NNTN4851 is very cost effective and weighing less than the NiCad. As a result, it makes it much easier to carry for extended time frames throughout your day. The NiMh battery is rated on a 5/5/90 run time cycle.

The Lithium batteries are by far the best of the best. The NNTN4497 and the NNTN4970 (Slim) are the lightest batteries in this class and really provide all day Motorola NNTN4497 Battery for CP200D Radiocomfort while handling or holstering. The Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) do not demonstrate memory effect and are the best power to weight ration of all the battery chemistries. The NNTN4970 is rated at 1600 milliamps and the NNTN4497 battery comes in at 2500 milliamps.

See our battery recap below

a) NNTN4496 NiCad 1200 Milliamps
b) NNTN4851 NiMh 1500 Milliamps
c) NNTN4970 (SLIM) Li-Ion 1600 Milliamps
d) NNTN4497 Li-Ion 1800 Milliamps

For a complete list of batteries for the CP200 and CP200 Series Radios you can visit our Battery Table

2. Motorola CP200 and CP200d Speaker Mic

Transmitting is made easy by using a Remote Speaker Mic. The Speaker Mic is quickly attached or detached from the radio by a two prong connector at the accessory port on the side of the radio. The CP200 and CP200d Radios both have the ability to use a speaker mic. And they allow the user the option of not removing the radio from a holstered position, thus giving quick response time in critical operations. Another nice feature is the 3.5mm female accessory port on the lower side of Motorola CP200 Radio Speaker Micthe mic which gives the user the ability to use a listen only ear piece. The listen only earpiece provides covert receiving and better clarity right to the operators ear.

See our speaker mic recap below

a) PMMN4013
b) PMMN4029 IP57
c) PMMN4008
d) PMMN4092

3. Motorola CP200 and CP200d Carry Options

The most important part of operations of the CP200 and CP200d is keeping it from being dropped thus ruining the radio and taking it out of operation. All users should consider either the use of a holster or belt clip. The holster provides the best protection and allows the user to utilize a remote speaker mic and keep the CP200D Radio Chest Packradio holstered at all times. The CP200 and CP200d are capable of using the same style of holster from leather to nylon. The leather holsters are made of 8 ounce leather and the nylon is made of a ballistic denier nylon. The belt clips are the least protection from damage, but allow quick removal from the waist belt. Some of the holsters come with shoulder straps and snap closures keeping the radio secured inside the holster.

See our holster option below

a) HLN9701 Nylon
b) RLN5384 Swivel Leather
c) RLN5383 Fixed Belt Loop
d) HLN8255 3 Inch Belt Clip
e) RLN5644 2 ½ Belt Clip
f) HLN6602 Universal Chest Pack

4. Motorola CP200 and CP200d Surveillance Kits

If your looking to transmit privately or covertly the CP200 and CP200d surveillance kits are your solution. The best options for radio operation is the clear acoustical earpiece that is available on several different kits. This type of earpiece is usually used in the security, sports arenas and outdoor events where every word must be PMLN4443AB CP200D Survellience Peice clear. The CP200 and CP200d can also work well with the Ear Bud and D Shape style earpiece’s which are commonly found in the retail, medical and restaurant business’s. Some other options available are single wire with inline PTT, two wire and three wire.

See our surveillance kit options below

a) RLN5318 Two Wire Acoustical Tube
b) HMN9036 Two Wire with Ear Bud
c) PMLN4606 Two wire w/Mini PTT and Acoustical Tube
d) RLN4941 Listen Only for speaker mics

5. Motorola CP200 and CP200d Radio Chargers

The most common charger used with the CP200 and CP200d is the WPLN4138, which is now replaced with the PMPN4173. The chargers are now designed to charge all chemistries NiCad, NiMh and Li-Ion. The new chargers are also considered rapid rate chargers and normally charge a battery in just a few hours. The CP200 andCP200 Charger Base  CP200d chargers also come with and indicator light giving notice to the user of the status of the battery while on the charger. The CP200 and CP200d can also charge in the multi-unit charger PMLN6588, and can charge up to 6 radios at the same time.

See our Motorola CP200 and CP200D charger options below

a) WPLN4137 Charger Base Only
b) WPLN4138 Charger w/Power Cord (SUC)
c) PMPN4173 Single Unit Charger (SUC)
d) PMLN6588 Multi Unit Charger

6. Motorola CP200 and CP200d Radio Antennas

The CP200 and CP200d will use the same VHF or UHF antennas whether you are in the Analog or digital mode. VHF or UHF band has several megahertz (MHz) ranges to match your programmed radio. Please note that is vital that you match your antenna to the specific MHz. Miss matching can cause transmission failure and loss of signal.CP200D Antenna

See our antenna options below

a) PMAE4016 UHF Whip 403-520 MHz
b) PMAE4002 UHF Stubby 403-433 MHz
c) PMAE4003 UHF Stubby 430-470 MHz
d) NAE6522 UHF Stubby 438-470 MHz


a) PMAD4014 VHF Whip 136-155 MHz
b) NAD6502 VHF Heliflex 146-174 MHz
c) PMAD4012 VHF Stubby 136-155 MHz
d) HAD9742 VHF Stubby 146-162 MHz

7. Motorola CP200 and CP200d Radio Headsets

The headsets are a very personal item that needs to be selected carefully for comfort and weight for continuous use throughout the working day. The CP200 and CP200d has a range of headsets from the Ultra-Lightweight to the Heavy Duty. The Ultra Light and Single Muff headsets are best used in the hospitality, retail and restaurant sectors. The Medium to Heavy Duty are more compatible with Industrial and Commercial warehouse and construction fields. Whichever headset you choose for the CP200 and CP200d, you won’t be disappointed.

See our headset options below

a) PMLN6538 Lightweight Single Muff over-the-head
b) PMLN6542 Ultra-Lite behind-the-head
c) PMLN6531 Over the ear with in-line PTT/VOX
d) PMLN6534 Ear Bud style with in-line PTT/VOX