RLN4941A Receive Only Earpiece for RSM and PSM


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RLN4941 with additional Clear Ear Tube

For a limited time you can get an extra Clear ear tube RLN6242 when you order the RLN4941A for $2.00.  This is more than a 50% discount of the original price of the RLN6242.
Total list price: $22.50
Price for all: $20.50
List price: $29.95
You save: $12.45
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Cable Style:Coiled Cable
Ear Piece Style:Acoustical Comfort Tube
Radio Connection Style:Direct Mic Connect
Radio Plug Type:3.5mm Un-Threaded
OEM Brand Radio:Motorola
Compatible Radio Models:APX8000
Manufacturer :Command Tac
Warranty:1 Year Warranty
Also Known As:RLN4941
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RLN4941A BCX Listen Only Earpiece Command Tac Brand is designed to help you keep your conversations more discrete.  It has a 3.5mm plug that goes into your accessory port on your remote speaker michrophone.  Command Tac designed this Surveillance piece to fit perfectly over the ear with a coiled clear ear tube.  The clear eartube helps to hide the fact that you are wearing a survelliance piece. NOT ALL SPEAKER MICS use this 3.5 jack. Please review list below, if your not sure please call us, will be glad to help you.

To ensure that the ear tube functions for as long as possible it is important that you keep it clean and dry.  It is suggested that you clean the eartube using compressed air.  The clear tubes are considered consumable so they will need to be replaced once they get dirty.

The RLN4941 BCX is designed to be used with the following speaker mics:  PMMN4013, PMMN4021, PMMN4022, PMMN4024, PMMN4025, PMMN4041, PMMN4042, PMMN4045, PMMN4050, PMMN4051, PMMN4059, PMMN4060, PMMN4061, PMMN4062, PMMN4069, PMMN4071, PMMN4073, PMMN4076, PMMN4084, PMMN4099, RMN5038, RMN5067, RMN5072, RMN5073, RMN5074, RMN5089 and any other remote speaker microphone with a 3.5mm unthreaded jack

It is compatible with the following Motorola Two Way Radios:  APX Series, XTS5000, XTS3000, PR1500, MT1500, MTS2000, XPR3300, XPR3500, XPR6100, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6350, XPR6380, XPR6500, XPR6550, XPR6580, XPR7350, XPR7380, XPR7550, XPR7580, HT1250, HT1550, HT750, MTX8250, MTX8250LS, MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX9250, MTX950, PR860, EX500, EX560XLS, EX600, EX600XLS, BPR40, CP110, CP185, CP200d, PR400

This is also known as the RLN4941

OEM Brand Radio:
  • Motorola
Compatible Radio Models:
  • APX8000
Hazardous Rating:
  • Not Rated
Manufacturer :
Command Tac
Product Type:
Surveillance Kits
1 Year Warranty
Also Known As:
  • RLN4941
Cable Style:
Coiled Cable
Ear Piece Style:
Acoustical Comfort Tube
Fits Radio Models:
  • APX1000
  • APX3000
  • APX4000
  • APX4000LI
  • APX6000
  • APX6000LI
  • APX6000XE
  • APX7000
  • APX7000XE
  • APX8000
  • APX8000XE
  • APX900
  • BPR20
  • BPR40
  • BPR40
  • CP040
  • CP100
  • CP110
  • CP120
  • CP125
  • CP140
  • CP150
  • CP160
  • CP185
  • CP200
  • CP200d
  • CP200XLS
  • CP200·XLS
  • CP220
  • CP240
  • CP250
  • CP450
  • CP450-LS
  • CP88
  • CT150
  • CT250
  • CT450
  • CT450·LS
  • DTR410
  • DTR550
  • DTR650
  • EP350
  • EP450
  • GP1200
  • GP1280
  • GP2000
  • GP2100
  • GP300
  • GP308
  • GP320
  • GP328
  • GP328+
  • GP329
  • GP338
  • GP339
  • GP340
  • GP344
  • GP350
  • GP360
  • GP388
  • GP600
  • GP640
  • GP650
  • GP68
  • GP680
  • GP88
  • GP900
  • GP9000
  • GTI
  • GTX LTR Portable
  • GTX Privacy Plus Portable
  • GTX800
  • GTX900
  • HT1000
  • HT1250
  • HT1250LS
  • HT1250LS+
  • HT1550
  • HT1550XLS
  • HT6000
  • HT750
  • HT750LS
  • JT1000
  • LTS 2000
  • MT1000
  • MTX-LS
  • MTX8000
  • MTX8250
  • MTX8250LS
  • MTX838
  • MTX850
  • MTX850LS
  • MTX9000
  • MTX9250
  • MTX950
  • PR1500
  • PR400
  • PR860
  • PRO3150
  • PRO5150
  • PRO5350
  • PRO5450
  • PRO5550
  • PRO5750
  • PRO7150
  • PRO7350
  • PRO7450
  • PRO7550
  • PRO7750
  • PRO9150
  • RDU Series
  • RDU2020
  • RDU2023
  • RDU2080d
  • RDU4100
  • RDU4103d
  • RDU4160d
  • RDU4163d
  • RDV Series
  • RDV2020
  • RDV2080d
  • RDV5100
  • RDX Series
  • SRX2200
  • XPR3300
  • XPR3500
  • XPR6100
  • XPR6300
  • XPR6350
  • XPR6380
  • XPR6500
  • XPR6550
  • XPR6580
  • XPR7350
  • XPR7380
  • XPR7550
  • XPR7580
  • XTN446
  • XTN500
  • XTN600
  • XTS1500
  • XTS2250
  • XTS2500
  • XTS3000
  • XTS3500
  • XTS4250
  • XTS5000
  • XU1100
  • XU2100
  • XU2600
  • XU4100
  • XV1100
  • XV1400
  • XV2100
  • XV2600
  • XV4100
Radio Connection Style:
Direct Mic Connect
Radio Plug Type:
3.5mm Un-Threaded
Wire Kit Style:
1 WIre Kit Listen Only

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Randy H
04/17/2019, 03:55 PM
Nice ear peace. Very clear audio. I also added the large ear mold because I like the fit. I would recommend this item.
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As Described
Very impressed by the RLN4941 Kit... decent sound, very discrete, and affordable. I produce live video events and Hangout on Air events and my hosts/moderators need to hear from multiple participants to carry the show. This works like a charm. Box was a little crushed. Not sure if that...
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I go through these like water because of my job. The cost of the Motorola was killing me. I bought five of them and got a great deal
Was this review helpful?
(0) (0)
Nice earpiece. Looks like my old motorola piece which broke and cost me more than this one
Was this review helpful?
(0) (0)
What a deal. It doesn't take much thought to buy this one. Used it for a month so far and works great
Was this review helpful?
(0) (0)
For under 15 bucks I figured I'd give it a try. I was very pleased with the quality and holding it next to the original piece, I can't see very much difference. The real test will be how long it will last. It also comes with a one year warranty
Was this review helpful?
(0) (0)
Would give it a 5 but I have only had this for around a month. I keep the ear tubes real clean and get good quality out of these.
Was this review helpful?
(0) (0)
Good earpiece. I love the fact I can hear transmissions without anyone near me listening in. Makes it even more important when I am doing a patrol in a hallway without anyone knowing I am there.
Was this review helpful?
(0) (0)
For the money, the quality is amazing. The audio quality is great and the fitting in my ear is comfortable. My friend recommended this to me because he had such a good experience with it. Volume isn't muffled or too loud/soft or anything. Works great. Will definitely buy again if...
Was this review helpful?
(0) (0)
Great earpiece. I cannot believe how good the quality is for the price. Nice.
Was this review helpful?
(0) (0)
Nice ear peace. Very clear audio. I also added the large ear mold because I like the fit. I would recommend this item.
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(0) (0)
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