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The 1564028V01 is Our Brand Replacement for the Motorola Original belt clip. The 1564028V01 comes in Color Black, Snaps into radio


$40.00 $60.00 You save: $20.00

This APX 6000 Radio Case is 100% Compatible with the Motorola APX6000 Radio. All of our APX 6000 Radio Cases comes with a 1 Year Warranty against Manufacturers Defects. (Made for Long Batteries) Our APX 6000 Carry Cases are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a greatly lower cost 

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL1203 Clip For HYT Radio Battery BPBL1203LI-1

Also Fits: BPBL1203LI.

Power Products CL1203: CL1203

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL1700 Clip For Relm Radio Battery BPRP1700LI

Power Products CL1700: CL1700

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL191212 Clip For M/A-COM Radio Battery BP212/2XT

Also Fits: BP212/2MH. Length: 2.75".

Power Products CL191212: CL191212

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL196 Clip For ICOM Radio Battery BP196

Also Fits: BP196MH.

Power Products CL196: CL196

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL227 Clip For ICOM Radio Battery BP227LI

Also Fits: BP209, BP210N, BP210N-07, BP211LI, BP211LI-07, BP227LI-07. Use CL227 only with BP227LI or BP227LI-07.

Power Products CL227: CL227

$6.50 $7.80 You save: $1.30

Power Products CL234065 Clip For Harris Radio Battery BP234065LI

Also Fits: BP234063MH, BP234361LIP.

Power Products CL234065 Clip: CL234065

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL36247 Clip For Vertex Standard Radio Battery BP36247-1

Also Fits: BP36247MH.

Power Products CL36247: CL36247

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL4063 Clip For Motorola Radio Battery BP4063MH

Also Fits: BPBH1301 (HYT).

Power Products CL4063: CL4063

$6.25 $7.80 You save: $1.55

Power Products CL4071 Clip For Motorola Radio Battery BP4071MH-1

Also Fits: BP265LI. Length: 2.75". May also be used with BP9360, BP9360MH, BP9628MH, and BP9628MHXT when a shorter clip is preferred.

Power Products CL4071: CL4071

$5.25 $7.80 You save: $2.55

Power Products CL6305 Clip For Motorola Radio Battery BP6305LI 

Power Products CL6305: CL6305

Carry Options

Two Way Radio Supply offers an extensive collection of high-quality Carry Options for your two-way radio.

OUR Carry Options are designed to give the radio user comfort and convenience.

Two Way Radio Supply Carry Options for two-way radios are made to provide ease and convenience. We carry a large inventory of belt clips, holsters, t-straps and more. They provide peace of mind and confidence that your two-way will be protected. And at the same time it will maintain audio quality and deliver crystal clear communication

If you have any questions, please contact us via phone or email. We are here to assist you in making the correct decision for all your two-way radio accessories.

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