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Our Version 12082-0600-01 replacing OEM. Our 12082-0600-01 comes packed with high quality features. The 12082-0600-01 features IP68 Rating, Volume Toggle, 3.5mm Accessory Port, Swivel Clip, Coiled Cable and Emergency Man Down Button. Our brand 12082-0600-01 Remote Speaker Mic is made to meet or exceed OEM. Our version 12082-0600-01 comes with more features and less cost than Harris original mic
$64.00 $112.40 You save: $48.40
Our Version 12082-0600-02 features Ruggedized Casing, Submersible/Waterproof, IP68 Rating, Hi/Low Volume Toggle, 3.5mm Accessory Port, 360 Swivel Clip, Kevlar Coiled Cable and Orange Emergency Man Down Button
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14002-0214-01 Harris Radio Battery

Our Replacement 14002-0214-01 Battery features 2500mAh, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Chemistry, 7.4 Volts, 18.5 Wh and Belt Clip

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Our 14035-4010-04 Battery comes with 3100mAh, Li-Ion Chemistry, IP67 Rated, 22.3Wh and 7.2 Volts. Our Brand 14035-4010-04 is made to meet or exceed OEM
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The 1564028V01 is Our Brand Replacement for the Motorola Original belt clip. The 1564028V01 comes in Color Black, Snaps into radio


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2.5mm Right Angle Plug Listen Only Earpiece to help you keep your conversations more discrete.  It has a 2.5mm plug that goes into your accessory port on your remote speaker michrophone.  Comes with Coiled Black Wire, Clothing Clip and Replaceable Clear Acoustical Tube. Command Tac designed this Surveillance piece to fit perfectly over the ear with a coiled clear ear tube.  The clear eartube helps to hide the fact that you are wearing a survelliance piece.
$54.00 $80.80 You save: $26.80
The 300-00631 Radio Battery is our brand replacement and for use with Sepura Tetra Radios listed below. The 300-00631 Battery features IP68 Waterproof Rating, 7.4 Volts, 1880 Milliamps, 13.9 Wh and (LiPo) Lithium Polymer Chemistry
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Power Products 500P Battery For M/A-COM 500P - 7.5V / 2700 mAh / NiMH


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Power Products 500P Battery For M/A-COM 500P - 7.5V / 1200 mAh / NiCd


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Power Products 500P Battery - 7.5V / 1500 mAh / NiCd - FOR M/A-COM PANTHER 500P

Power Products 500P: 500P


$11.75 $15.00 You save: $3.25

53615: This 53615 is a Two Way Radio Supply Replacement Battery for the Motorola 53615. We offer the 53615 in Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) 1500 Milliams 3.6 Volt .  This battery is known as Motorola Part # 53615

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Talkabout 53724 Remote Speaker Mic

Our Command Tac brand 53724 Remote Speaker Mic beats OEM on price and ready to ship. Our Replacement 53724 Speaker Mic comes with Coiled Cable, 2.5mm Accessory Port, PTT and Direct 3.5mm Radio Connect right angle plug. Save your money and buy our 53724. This speaker mic is not compatable with any cell phones