BC100 Radio

BC100 Radio
BearCom Water Resistant Bag
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BearCom Water Resistant Radio Bag This Command Tac Water Resistant Bag works with BearCom brand radios. Our Water Resistant Bag comes with Re-Inforced Metal Grommets, Lobster Push Gate Clip and Denier Black Nylon Strap for easy carry (Very Comfortable to wear). Made for radios that are exposed to harsh weather conditions and non submersible radios. Our CTLN9985WP is made to handle all size radios with long antennas Our Command Tac Waterproof Bag is used in Sporting Events, Beach Patrol, Boardwalks, Water Parks, Water Sports, Life Guards, Amusment Parks, Golf Courses and most any business that is subject to outdoor elements. Our Water Resistant Bag offers great quality with great pricing. See quantity discount pricing
SKUCTLN9985WP-BC OEM Brand RadioBearCom
EAK-1WDR-IC7 Surveillance Kit
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The EAK-1WDR-IC7 Surveillance Kit for use with select ICOM and BearCom Radios listed below. The EAK-1WDR-IC7 features Single Wire, PTT, Clothing Clip, Two Prong Connector and Adjustable D Style Earpiece
Cable StyleStraight Cable Ear Piece StyleD Style Ear Piece
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The EB310B-S6 features Direct Connect Two Pin ICOM Style, C-Ring Earpiece, Dual Mounting Screws, Flexible Rubber Ear Hook, Works on Right or Left Ear, PTT Button, 360° Rotating Clothing Clip, Approx. 19 Inch cable from PTT to Earpiece, Approx. 34 Inch from connector to PTT and 12 Warranty
Cable StyleBraided Ear Piece StyleSwivel C Style
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The QD100-S6 features Direct Connect Two Pin ICOM Style, Dual Mounting Screws, Coiled Cable stretchable to 4 feet, 5 Pin Quick Disconnect, Approx. 21 Inch Heavy Duty Cable and 12 Warranty
OEM Brand RadioIcom Compatible Radio ModelsIC-F4023T, IC-F31, IC-F4230D, IC-F2100D, IC-F4230, IC-F2000, IC-F4G, IC-F3023, IC-F3102D, IC-F3021S, IC-F4101D, IC-F4031, IC-F2000D, IC-F21, IC-F3023S, IC-F2000T, IC-F4011, IC-F4026, IC-F31W, IC-F3001, IC-F2100DS, IC-F4230DT, IC-F24S, IC-V88, IC-F3031S, IC-F4013, IC-F3021T, IC-F4103D, IC-F4032S, IC-F2100, IC-V8, IC-F3023T, IC-F2000S, IC-F4033S, IC-F4026S, IC-F33G, IC-F4001, IC-F2100DT, IC-F4230DS, IC-F3011, IC-F1000D, IC-F3230D, IC-F4022, IC-F3031, IC-F4002, IC-F4041, IC-F14, IC-F3026, BC1000, IC-F4026T, IC-F3G, IC-F3002, IC-F3013, IC-F3210D, IC-F3033S, IC-F1100, IC-F4021, IC-F4022S, IC-F3032S, IC-F4003, IC-F4101, IC-F24, IC-F3026S, BC100, IC-F4036S, IC-F4000, IC-F3003, IC-F3GS, IC-F3022, IC-F4210D, IC-F3230, IC-F1100D, IC-F3033, IC-F4023, IC-F4022T, IC-V80, IC-F41W, IC-F43TR, IC-F3026T, IC-F14S, IC-F3101D, IC-F4102D, IC-F4021S, IC-F4GS, IC-F3022S, IC-F1000S, IC-F3230DS, IC-F1100DS, IC-F3041, IC-F4031S, IC-F4023S, IC-F1000, IC-F43G, IC-F3021, IC-F3036S, IC-F3000, IC-F3103D, IC-F4033, IC-F4021T, IC-F1100DT, IC-F11, IC-F3022T, IC-F1000T, IC-F3230DT
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The QD180-S6 features Direct Connect Two Pin ICOM Style, Dual Mounting Screws, Large PTT, Clothing Clip, 21" Coiled Cable stretchable to 4 feet, 26" Straight cord from Radio to PTT, 5 Pin Quick Disconnect. This cable allows the user the option of 2 PTT's one in line and one on the Headset Ear Cup. The QD180-S6 also comes with a 12 Month Warranty
OEM Brand RadioIcom, BearCom Compatible Radio ModelsIC-V88, IC-F24S, IC-F3022S, IC-F4013, IC-F1000S, IC-F3021T, IC-F4GS, IC-F3031S, IC-F4032S, IC-F4103D, IC-F4033S, IC-F2100, IC-F4001, IC-F3036S, IC-F4026S, IC-F3000, IC-F33G, IC-F3021, IC-F1000D, IC-F3011, IC-F3022T, IC-F4022, IC-F1000T, IC-F3031, IC-F11, IC-F3230D, IC-F4041, IC-F4002, IC-F4230, IC-F2100D, IC-F3023, IC-F3002, IC-F3102D, IC-F4026T, IC-F3021S, IC-F3G, IC-F1100, IC-F3033S, IC-F3023S, IC-F4022S, IC-F2000T, IC-F3032S, IC-F21, IC-F4021, IC-F4101, IC-F4003, IC-F4230DT, IC-F2100DS, IC-F3003, IC-F4036S, IC-F4000, IC-F1100D, IC-F3230, IC-F4023, IC-F3023T, IC-F4022T, IC-F2000S, IC-F3033, IC-V8, IC-F41W, IC-V80, IC-F4230DS, IC-F2100DT, IC-F3101D, IC-F4102D, IC-F4021S, IC-F1100DS, IC-F3230DS, IC-F4031S, IC-F3026, IC-F4023S, BC1000, IC-F3041, IC-F14, IC-F43G, IC-F1000, IC-F3210D, IC-F3013, IC-F4021T, IC-F3103D, IC-F4033, IC-F3230DT, IC-F1100DT, IC-F4230D, IC-F3026S, IC-F4023T, BC100, IC-F31, IC-F24, IC-F4G, IC-F2000, IC-F4210D, IC-F3GS, IC-F3022, IC-F4031, IC-F4101D, IC-F4011, IC-F2000D, IC-F3001, IC-F3026T, IC-F4026, IC-F14S, IC-F31W, IC-F43TR
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The SM400-S6 Replacement Mic features Coiled Cord, PTT, NON WATERPROOF, Swivel Clip and 12 Month Warranty. Two Pin Connector with Double Screw Mount
Activation MethodPush To Talk Button Cable ConstructionKevlar Reinforced Cable
This SN130-S6 is a Single Wire Surveillance Earpiece. The SN130-S6 features Snap Lok System which allows the user different options for ear piece style, Partial Coiled Cord, Snap Lok, In-Line PTT, Clothing Clip and 2 Pin Radio Connector w/Screws
Radio Connection StyleDirect Radio Connect Radio Plug TypeSingle Pin w/Screw Mount