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Increase the performance and dependability of your radio with Two Way Radio Supply Brand M/A-COM M-RK I Radio Batteries.

OUR M-RK I Battery is an effective and productive upgrade to OEM design in staying power and performance. And it all comes with greater savings.

You can be sure that your battery is powered up and ready to go when you use one of OUR M-RK I Chargers.

OUR well-built M-RK I Speaker Mics and Surveillance Earpieces offer convenience. They are durable and deliver top performance. We also carry belt clips, antennas, headsets and much more.

Two Way Radio Supply is your #1 source for all two-way radio accessories. We are proud to continually offer premium M-RK I parts at a LOW cost.

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Power Products BP8381MH Battery - 7.5V / 1500 mAh / NiMH
Radio Manufacturer (Radios)Motorola OEM Brand RadioM/A-COM
CTLN9985WP-MC Waterproof Bag
Save 9%
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M/A-Com Radio Waterproof Bag This Command Tac Waterproof Bag is our brand version that goes head to head against OEM brand. Our Waterproof Radio Bag comes with Denier Black Nylon Strap for easy carry (Very Comfortable to wear), Easy Lobster Push Gate Clip and Re-inforced Metal Grommets. Great alternative for radios that are in bad weather elements or not submersible. Our CTLN9985WP is made to handle all size radios with long antennas. Our M/A-Com Waterproof Radio Bag is mainly used for rain and snow protection, not meant for complete submersion for extended time.
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