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Blackbox VHF Radio

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Power Products BPBH1301 Battery 6.0V / 1300 mAh / NiMH

Also Fits: HYT TC-500, Blackbox UHF / VHF. Includes belt clip.

Power Products BPBH1301: BPBH1301

Get the most from your Blackbox VHF Radio

To help you stay connected with your colleagues, use OUR Blackbox VHF Accessories.

We carry top-grade Blackbox VHF Speaker Mics and Surveillance Pieces. Our VHF Batteries are designed with quality in mind and will meet or exceed OEM specifications. Our VHF Chargers are designed to charge all chemistry's.

In addition, we have belt clips, headsets, carry cases, antennas and much more.

Shop here for the BEST Blackbox VHF two-way radio accessories. Enjoy OUR LOW Prices and fast shipping.

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