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53615: This 53615 is a Two Way Radio Supply Replacement Battery for the Motorola 53615. We offer the 53615 in Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) 1500 Milliams 3.6 Volt .  This battery is known as Motorola Part # 53615



These parts are all Command Tac parts and here's what you get. Our version 1500mAh Battery 53615 also known as HKNN4002, KEBT-071-D, 5688940G01, BNH-4002 and BP4002MH. Our 53724 Speaker Mic with 3.5mm Accessory Port. Our Version RLN4941 with Clothing Clip, Right Angle Plug, and Acoustical Tube. And finally Our version of the NTN9392 Belt Clip, also known as BC100TA