$114.75 $163.20 You save: $48.45

BPT0300011LIP Radio Battery for TAIT

The BPT0300011LIP comes with 3400mAh, 7.2 Volts, Li-Po Battery, Belt Clip and 12 month warranty

$63.45 $90.20 You save: $26.75

The BP279LIP is a 7.2V / 2000 mAh / 14.4 Wh / Li-Ion Battery. Includes belt clip (CLV113).

Important Note: Belt Clip is not compatible with Icom MB-133 belt clip.

$52.30 $73.00 You save: $20.70

BP210N-1 Battery:

The BP210N-1 features 1500mAh, 7.2 Volts, Nickel Metal Hydride, Screw on Clip and 12 month warranty

$48.95 $64.40 You save: $15.45

BPBL1204LIP Battery comes with 7.4V / 1200 mAh / Li-Po

Also fits: TC-610, TC-610P, TC-610U, TC-610V, TC-620

Power Products BPBL1204LIP: BPBL1204LIP

$46.50 $61.40 You save: $14.90
The BPBL1203LIP is also known as BL1203. The BPBL1203LIP comes with 1200mAh, 7.2 Volts, Li-Po and Belt Clip

BPBL2003LIP Replacement Battery:

The BPBL2003LIP 7.4V / 2000 mAh / Li-Po

$69.50 $94.40 You save: $24.90
The BPBL2006LIP features Slim Housing, 2000mAh, 7.4 Volts and Li-Ion
$71.00 $96.60 You save: $25.60
The BPBL2010LIP is a 2000 mAh, 7.4 Volts, 14.8 Wh and Li-Po Battery. The BPBL2010LIP battery comes with a 12 month warranty.
$56.90 $73.00 You save: $16.10
The BPBL2018LIP is designed for Hytera Radios. The BPBL2018LIP features 7.2 Volts, Li-Po, 2000mAh and 14.8Wh
The LE232LIIS is a direct replacement battery for ICOM BP232FM. Our LE232LIIS Battery features 2500mAh, Intrinsically Safe Rated, Li-Ion Chemistry, 7.4 Volts, Rated IP68 and 12 month warranty. The LE232LIIS replaces BP232FM, BP-232FM
$151.20 $214.80 You save: $63.60

Power Products LEPA4MLIIS Battery is a direct replacement for HARRIS XL Radio Series. The LEPA4MLIIS features Intrinsically Safe, 5000mAh, Li-Ion Chemistry, IP68 Rated, 36.0Wh and 7.2 Volts. Power Products brand LEPA4MLIIS replaces XL-PA4M, 14035-5050-02

Certified by SGS to TIA-4950 / UL 913 5th Edition standard for intrinsically safe use (Class I, II, III / Division 1 / Groups C-G / -20° C to 40° C, T3) and non-incendive use (Class I, II, III / Division 2 / Groups A-G / -20° C to 40° C, T3). Dimensions (HxWxD): 3.04" x 2.28" x 1.27"

The KHS-27 is a direct replacement for the Kenwood Original KHS-27. This KHS-27 comes with in line PTT w/Clothing Clip, Soft Rubber D Shape Ear Piece, Single Pin Connection and 12 month warranty