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NX-300G Radio Batteries

$55.00 $89.80 You save: $34.80

Power Products BPKNB47L Battery 7.4V / 1900 mAh / Li-Ion

Also Fits: NEXEDGE NX200, NX200G, NX200S, NX300, NX300G, NX300S, TK5220, TK5320. Japanese cells.

Power Products BPKNB47L: BPKNB47L

$64.00 $99.80 You save: $35.80

Power Products BPKNB48L Battery 7.4V / 2600 mAh / Li-Ion

Also Fits: NEXEDGE NX200, NX300, TK5220, TK5320.

Power Products BPKNB48L: BPKNB48L

Powered by Japanese cells.

$94.90 $130.40 You save: $35.50

BPKNB48LI-48 Radio Battery 7.2 Volts / 4800 mAh / Li-Ion / 34.6 Wh

BPKNB48LI-48 Dimensions (LxWxD): 4.15" x 2.29" x 1.05"

$55.00 $102.40 You save: $47.40
Our Brand KNB-47L Battery is made to meet or exceed OEM and will work with radios listed below. Our KNB-47L features 1900mAh Milliamps, Li-Ion Chemistry, 7.4 Volts, Japanese Battery Cells and comes with a ONE Year Warranty
$64.00 $108.60 You save: $44.60
Our Brand KNB-48L Radio Battery made to meet or exceed OEM original battery. Our version KNB-48L Battery works with Kenwood radios listed below. The KNB-48L Replacement Battery features the Highest Quality Japanese Battery Cells, Li-Ion Chemistry, 2500mAh Milliamps, 7.4 Volts, 18.5 Wh and also comes with a 1 Year Warranty