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P1225LS Radio Batteries

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HNN9049B Radio Battery

The HNN9049B is a 7.5V / 1200 mAh / Belt Clip / NiCad battery. Our Replacement Motorola HNN9049B Battery uses the Highest Quality Cells. Our HNN9049B is designed to meet or exceed OEM. Our Brand HNN9049B is replacing HNN9049A and HNN9049


$41.00 $61.00 You save: $20.00

HNN9051A Radio Battery

The HNN9051A is a 7.5V / 2000 mAh / Belt Clip / NiMh battery. Our Version Motorola HNN9051A Battery uses the Highest Quality Japanese Cells. Our HNN9051A is designed to exceed OEM. Our Brand HNN9051A is replacing HNN9051


Two Way Radio Supply offers the best solutions to enhance your radio. Designed with top-quality parts, our high-performance Motorola P1225LS Batteries will meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Your number one source for all 2-way radio accessories. We are proud to continually offer high-quality parts at a low cost.